10th December 2018 
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About Me

My name is Steve Hershman. I am a fully trained practitioner of Reflexology.
I have been practising for 12 years, married with two daughters and am based in Clayhall, Ilford in Essex.

I first experienced reflexology at an evening class some 15 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed both giving and receiving the benefits of this therapy. Work intervened but I always wondered what if. I decided to go with my instincts and follow my heart. I enrolled in a study course with the East London School of Complementary therapies, while still working full time. This proved to be extremely difficult but I persevered and qualified after studying for nearly 4 years.

I am also on the NHS list of Independent Providers and receive GP`s Referrals.

I work with local Parkinsons' groups and run a clinic once a week. I also work with a cancer care organisation treating patients and carers in their homes.

I am qualified as an Authorised Member of the Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) Network, which has shown to further enhance the benefits of conventional Reflexology.

VRT is a highly effective reflexology technique that focuses on working the weight bearing reflexes on top of the foot, rather than the familiar sole area, where the main reflexes are situated. When VRT is used briefly during a conventional reflexology treatment, research indicates that the body appears to be more responsive to stimulation of the energy pathways thus making the potential for healing more effective.
Visit: www.boothvrt.com

About Me. cnhc logoI am registered with the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council). This demonstrates that I meet the national standards of practice. The Department of Health recommends that anyone seeking complementary therapies should use someone who is CNHC registered. There are some private health companies that recognise and reimburse the cost of treatments given by CNHC registered therapists.

Best Feet Forward Reflexology Treatments are available at
the following venues:(daytime and evenings, Monday to Saturday )

  • Limes Medical Centre, Thrifts Mead, Theydon Bois
  • Best Feet Forward premises in Clayhall
  • Home visits are also available at times to suit you.

  • About Me. aorlogoThe Association of Reflexologists is the largest independent professional organisation of reflexologists in the UK. It has currently 7,000 members, all of whom work to strict codes of practice and ethics and are comprehensively insured.

    I have attended NHS staff pamper evenings which have been extremely popular.

    I hope the above has given you an insight as to who I am and how committed I am to Reflexology and also to making a success of my chosen career.


    Parkinson’s disease Society.

    Dear Steve,
    Thanks so much for your help on Friday. Everyone said how good you were. One 70 year old man said his feet felt so good he could go clubbing.
    Thanks again. I will happily give your leaflets out.

    Julia Keogh
    Development Worker
    Parkinson's Disease Society

    About Me. sophiaSophia Ragavelas - Professional Actress, Singer and Dancer
    Sophia Ragavelas has been hailed by press as the rapidly rising star of West End Theatre, with stunning performances in Les Miserables, Brighton Rock, Mikado, Witches Of Eastwick and Mamma Mia, to name but a few.With the hefty demands of theatre life, Sophia has recently turned to Reflexology in order to maintain the high standards of her performances.After receiving treatments from Reflexologist Steve Hershman of " Best Feet Forward", Sophia said
    "Reflexology is my time out to be pampered. I feel much calmer, more focused, and less stressed. My energy levels seem to have improved, as well as my appetite and I sleep better. I can thoroughly recommend reflexology by Steve."

    NHS Trust

    At Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospitals NHS Trust, we are constantly looking at providing different benefits and discounts for our staff. One initiative is to hold Complementary therapy evenings on a regular basis at the main sites. These are designed to offer 30 min taster sessions for staff and to give them a social and relaxing evening after the stresses and strains of a days work. We have a number of therapists who work at the trust and others who work outside. These offer a wide range of Therapies. Stephen Hershman has taken part in all of our evenings and is very reliable and organised. He is highly recommended and below are comments from staff who have received treatment from him.
    Sue Kennard, Head of Workforce Support and Childcare Services.

    "Stephen Hershman, has been attending out Complementary Therapy Evenings, since we started them in 2005. Apart from being an excellent reflexologist, he is very reliable and punctual and just gets on with his job totally without any aggravation. He is top of my list everytime!"
    Lynda Yates, Workforce Support Officer.

    "I had a reflexology session with Stephen and I have to say it was a wonderful experience. Stephen first talked a little about where reflexology started, I thought it was from the Chinese culture but it in fact it was the early Egyptions who first started to understand the connection from the feet to other parts of the body. .He then began to massage my feet and told me to breath in a certain way, first deeply then more shallow, this enabled me to relax and enjoy the session. I would definitely recommend reflexology to all my friends and family."
    Chris Bennett, Childcare Services Officer

    "Stephen gave me my second reflexology session, and he was by far the best. He completely put me at rest to start with, his touch was very relaxing, in fact so relaxing I felt as if I had drifted off and when he gently told me it was nearly finished I felt so spaced out I didn't want to get up!
    I had gone in there so stressed after a particularly bad day at work and walked out in a completely different state of mind. I would thoroughly recommend Stephen to anyone, in fact I would love to have another session."

    Ann Harrington, Surgical Admissions Officer

    Sue Wood - Multiple Sclerosis

    "My name is Sue Wood and I have multiple sclerosis. I have recently started having Reflexology treatments from Steve Hershman of "Best Feet Forward". I noticed a substantial improvement in my circulation, when a nasty sore on my foot responded very well and healed very quickly. My nurse was very surprised and delighted by this result as conventional treatment had not measurably improved the healing of the sore. My appetite has also improved and I feel much more calmer and happier in myself. My friends have commented that I look much more healthier and relaxed.
    I really look forward to Steve`s visits as he has become a friend as well as my therapist. I would definitely recommend to others Reflexology treatments from Steve of "Best Feet Forward".

    Article published in the VRT Network Newsletter

    Dear Lynne
    After attending your VRT introduction in London on 23rd April 2006 (AoR Conference), I introduced VRT into my treatment sessions. I had very good feedback from clients that they seemed to feel much more relaxed (if that is possible) with their heads seemingly much more clear and focussed. There was an immediate response from one lady with IBS who reported an immediate improvement.

    After attending the Basic course on 23rd May 2006, I treated my first clients with orthopaedic conditions with quite astonishing results. A lady had to cancel an appointment due to her back seizing up on her. She had been confined to bed for 2 days before she rang me. I visited her at home the next morning to see if I could help – she wasn’t too sure about seeing me but when I said that there wouldn’t be a charge, she agreed! I gave her a brief VRT treatment, as she wasn’t too comfortable standing and managed to do DR on her in a sitting position. I told her to ring me later if she wished me to pop by the next morning for a repeat. She rang later that day apologising that she hadn’t rung earlier as she had been asleep most of the day. She reported that she couldn’t believe the improvement in her condition and yes, could I please come again for a repeat the next day (again I said that there wouldn’t be any charge). I went round again to be confronted by a beaming client almost bounding to the door! She immediately booked a series of appointments!

    My second result was even more astonishing, as it happened right in front of my eyes!

    A lady nearly crawled into my premises for her appointment virtually bent in half and unable to straighten up saying that she had a very painful sciatic condition affecting both legs that had commenced that morning and asking if I could help. I said I would of course try but not to expect an immediate response. I did VRT at the beginning and at the end of a conventional treatment including DR and Lymphatic stimulation. During the conventional treatment as I started to work on her right hip area, she let out a gasp and said that if felt like I had reached into her chest and given an almighty yank! I was a bit concerned but obviously made sure that she was ok and she assured me that she was. When I finished I stood her up very gently and asked if she could straighten up – she did so slowly expecting pain and was delighted when there was none! I got her to move around the room to gauge her movement and within a few moments I had to slow her down. She sat in a chair, crossed one leg over the other to put a sock on (which she had carried with her unable to put on earlier) and then crossed the other leg over to put the other sock on, reached down for her shoes and bent to do the laces up and exclaimed that she didn’t know how to thank me enough!

    I saw my father who suffers from an arthritic neck condition. His neck had gone into spasm that morning and he had a collar on with his chin almost touching his chest. The doctor had prescribed very strong anti-inflammatories, which were making him feel quite nauseous. I treated him with a brief VRT and DR, which he found quite painful but reported feeling some “weird sensations” He slept for several hours, got up and removed the collar saying that although he still felt a bit achy there was a tremendous improvement. I gave him another brief treatment in the evening before I went home and insisted that he should only gently exercise his neck and not show all and sundry the improvement. He thought it was a miracle and can’t wait for the next treatment.

    Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of VRT. More successes on the way I hope!
    Warmest Regards, Steve Hershman